FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review, a Project Athia

FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review, a Project Athia, Action-Adventure

Forspoken (formerly known as Project Athia) is a third-person action-adventure RPG set in an open fantasy world. The project is being created by a team from Luminous Productions (Final Fantasy XV), which is owned by publisher Square Enix.

"FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review"
FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review

Forspoken Plot

Events take players to a fantasy land called Atia. It used to be a beautiful place ruled by kings known as Tantas. But, because of the plague, the country was on the verge of collapse and chaos. Animals turned into bloodthirsty monsters, and people into monsters. Add problems and tantas, gracious rulers who began to oppress their people in ruthless and hateful ways.

Frey Holland, the heroine of the project, is mysteriously transported from New York to an amazing country. She understands that the plague does not affect her, and thanks to the magic bracelet on her arm, she received magical abilities. Soon the girl learns that the rulers of Atia rebelled against her. But in order to find a way out, she will have to stop the plague and snatch Atia from the hands of the cruel rulers of Tantas. Note that the storyline was written by Gary Whitta and Amy Hennig. The role of Frey was played by actress Ella Balinska.

"FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review"
FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review

Forspoken Gameplay

During the passage, we freely move around the vast world and visit the sandy desert, the canyon, the picturesque meadow, and the city of Chipal. The authors called the method of moving the heroine “magic parkour”. Thanks to the supernatural features of the decoration, she can run at great speed, overcome obstacles and climb high cliffs.

Agility and reflexes will come in handy in dynamic fights. It is also important to combine magical strikes with which we can carry out area attacks, keep opponents at a distance or eliminate them. With a wide range of skills to choose from, Frey quickly adapts to his individual style. Along the way, we will encounter a variety of enemies, including monsters that live in Atia. There are also powerful bosses, among which Tantas is in the lead.

In the course of passing, we get the opportunity to develop the heroine thanks to the accumulated mana. With it, players unlock new skills, and necklaces help increase the level of health, stamina, and protection. Thanks to various patterns on the hands, special skills, and various buffs are opened.

"FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review"
FORSPOKEN 2022 Game Review

Forspoken Technical Aspects

Forspoken is powered by the Luminous Engine and takes full advantage of its full potential. The game has detailed locations and animated character models. In addition to Ella Balinsky, the cast also includes Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays the role of Tanta. This actress appeared in the TV series The Walking Dead. In turn, Janina Gavankar gave Tanta her appearance and voice.

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